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Love is the first word I think of when you cross my mind. It’s a simple word that explodes into a cloud of colors that mist elegantly through the atmosphere like the Northern Lights. The purples and blues that drift through the air, wrapping their cool arms around one…

I find myself questioning my worth and what I am eligible to receive from others.

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I live in my head and wonder around aimlessly, trying to find each piece of an upturned puzzle. Each time I find a piece, I realize that it doesn’t fit; I’m always missing that special one.

It can be such a struggle.

I’ve come to term with the demons and…

Living with a secret can be hard.

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It’s overwhelming, suffocating and crippling. I wonder who I can trust with my laundry and who would run away from the darkness that they discover?

Would it be worth my own sanity to share my thorns with someone I desired to be close too? It’s a gamble of the soul…

I often find myself wondering what does it mean to love?

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Is it the butterflies in my stomach, the unhinged passion of holding another person? Is it waking up and dreaming about them?

I haven’t really figured it all out. Being that I’m twenty-nine, I’ve had my hardships when it came to love. What I’ve learned…

Love is hard.

It’s not…

Brandon Slesser

Free spirited. I feel emotions like summer breezes. Lover first and a thinker second.

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