Callaway Cobblestone

Brandon Slesser
2 min readMay 1, 2024

These stones formed me, they molded the person I became. Each crack unique, the shapes were broken and edged. They helped me see that life would never again for me, be the same.

Sole to stone I walked into the life I would soon learn to love.I found myself in those red bricks, but I also found it in your hugs. There was never a moment I would regret because with you and the stones, I felt free as a dove.

These Callaway Cobblestones were full of love.

A lifetime of memories will forever follow me like the soft hum of buzzing bugs. We shared stories and passions between the two of us. We laughed and cried when things were funny or tough.

I look back at those moments and smile to myself, oh how beautiful it was, the number I think of is eleven-plus. I say that number not for any other reason, other than we felt like twenty-two, which seems to be a number that describes us enough.

Those Callaway Cobblestones were full of hope.

I think of how we would flow with one another; two souls that have meshed into colors of wonder.I think often of what my life would have been like if our strings never crossed.

I can’t imagine a life without you in it or a memory that I wouldn’t want to share, I wonder, I wonder, I wonder, but my wonder goes asunder. Nothing I would give, nothing I would take would ever make we want to change what we made…it’s a phenomenon, one I would never exhaust.

Those Callaway Cobblestones were full of adventure.

I found myself on those CALLAWAY COBBLESTONES, I found my soul in those days. You wounded the broken and you helped those that were in need. You were the soul I always wanted and didn’t know it until I saw your smile.

We watched the sunset but never the sunrise; we enjoyed video games and different games to play.The day I moved in, when I first walked on those stones. I knew from that day, I would always walk with you always, a million miles.

Those Callaway Cobblestones built me.



Brandon Slesser

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