The Walls of Castles ( A testament of strength and faith)

Brandon Slesser
5 min readJan 24, 2024
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The Walls of Castles Are Unbreakable

False, castle walls can be impregnated by the enemy forces if they have a strong enough army. They can fall to pieces, some small and some so large it takes an army to pick them up; but the fact is that castle walls are not unbreakable.

Cannon fire can break down a castle wall. They can burst holes through the thick stone large enough for the enemy to slink in. Slippery as a serpent and wicked as a freshly lit fire, licking the air with its burning tongue searching for a soul to consume. The Walls of Castles can be shattered into a million pebbles and there is nothing to stop the crumbling debris from falling on the heads of those looking to protect.

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Castle Walls Are Strong

False, a castle wall is only as strong as the builders make it out to be. Kings and Queens, princes and princesses hide behind these walls thinking that they are safe. They do not believe that anything can break through, they believe the sandstone and the rocks of the earth that made up the walls of their fortress is unbreakable. What they don’t know is that the enemy can come in the form of a raging storm sent from the very bowels of Hell. Fire, brimstone, lightening, and wind can break down those walls; forcing the blue bloods hidden within the walls to take a knee and wave a white flag of surrender. The foulest of demons are able to storm the stronghold and tear a part those seeking refuge from the storm. The Walls of Castles are not impervious to destruction.

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Castle Walls Stand Tall and Firm

Castles Walls are like Lego Blocks. They are pieced together brick by brick, stone by stone and sealed with cement and clay. They can stand as tall as the builder wants them; they can reach high to the Heavens like the Tower of Babel and try to become one with God. They can have layers upon layers of rock dug from the earth, but still, just like the Lego Blocks they can be brought down by a massive wave so furious that even the god Poseidon himself blushes at his extreme power. The force of the water will break the stone down and dissolve it into sand, dissolve it into small particles of minerals that recede back into the ocean. The laughter of those mightier than the castle walls gleam in joy at their victory. Innocent lives are lost and the enemy relishes in the souls that he can collect. No amount of preparation can be done to protect those castle walls from melting to mud and grime. The Walls of Castles can be washed away by the tides of negative emotion leaving nothing but rocks and ruin.

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Castle Walls Provide Safety

Castle walls are meant to provide safety from the enemy, but what if the enemy comes in the form of a plague that can not be beating back with blades and armor. Just as peaceful as the wind, vile sickness drifts across the breeze and inflicts boils and puss pockets on the flesh of the kingdom. Castle walls are made to keep those behind it safe, but the enemy knows how to derail the peace of the souls safety tucked away behind the stone; he knows how to poison the body and the soul. Spirits are broken and people lose hope. Within each cough and cry, the enemy laughs as he watches those afflicted with illness wither away and rot; he has pride in his doings.

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Castles Walls Are Not Perfect

The idea that a castle wall can protect those living within is a futile thought. No one can assume that the structure that they hide behind will keep them safe for the enemy knows how to afflict pain and torment. He uses the words of lovers to hurt, the forces of nature to destroy, and the failure of families to break down castle walls. However, though castle walls are not perfect, they do provide security in faith. It is within that faith that those living behind The Walls of Castles can continue surviving the torment that the enemy possesses. They look not to the walls for protection but to God, for in the darkest of times, He provides the strong tower, foundation, and rock that gives those castle walls their strength. For the Bible says, “As for God, his way is perfect: The LORD’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him. For who is God besides the LORD? And who is the Rock except our God?” PSALM 18:30 — 31 NIV.

Seek refuge not behind The Walls of Castles, but to God for even in troubled times, He shields the mightiest of the enemies power.

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